Level 2 – A Deeper Understanding


Taking the Next Steps – Level 2

If you have read through the first level of tutorials and practiced, then you should know the basics of how to set your camera and take photos based on what setting you think are best.  Level 2 will give you more background knowledge about how cameras work and how to apply that knowledge to make better photos.

I’ve always felt that the more a person knows about the equipment they use, the better they will be able to use it.  If it’s a camera or a car – the more you know… the better!  So dig in get a good solid background in what today’s digital cameras can do for you (and how they do it).

LEVEL 2 – The Next Step

1 – Digital Camera Sensors and Exposure
2 – Basics of Digital Camera Light Metering
3 – What is the Difference – RAW vs JPG Image Files
4 – How Cameras Auto Focus

5 – Learn about Lenses
6 – Introduction to Flash Photography

7 – Learn Flash Photography Techniques
8 – Off Camera Flash
9 – Choosing and Using a Tripod (and other supports)
10 – How to Choose the Perfect Camera Bag

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