Photoshop for Photographers


Photoshop for Photographers

This section is a (somewhat) separate course that will give you a very good  introduction to Adobe Photoshop.  The material was originally written for another website of my called  I’ve taken the content and reviewed it and updated it as needed.

Using Photoshop for photographers is a little different that how a graphic designer might use the program.  With these tutorials I will show you the common tools used in digital photo editing.  If you are new to Photoshop, this course will get you off to a great start – so dive in!

Section 1 – Learning the Common Tools in Photoshop

1 – Introduction to Photoshop
2 – Raster vs Vector Files
3 – Using the Marquee Tool
4 – Lassos and Magic Wands
5 – Move Tool & Crop Tool

More tutorials will be added on a regular weekly or daily basis, so please check back often.  If you don’t want to wait, just check out while I update and port the tutorials to this site.

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