Free Camera Tutorials – From Shooting to Showing!

I’m making this free camera tutorials site free to use so that I can share the knowledge I’ve learned over the past 40 years of working with cameras, in camera stores, photo labs and taking photos in all kinds of situations. I also have over 15 years of experience using Photoshop and continue to learn more about “The Digital Process” each day.

Start learning today! Free Camera Tutorials are being added each week.

Level 1 – The Basics

Level 2 – A Deeper Understanding

Level 3 – Photography Projects

Level 4 – How to Get the Shot

Level 5 – Photoshop for Photographers

NEW – How to Get the Shot – Macro Insect Photography

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FEATURED – How to Get the Shot – Backyard Bird Photography
FEATURED  – How to Get the Shot – Travel Photography Tips

free camera tutorials from Art WhittonI’ve created this site of free camera tutorials to share my knowledge and love of photography.  As I continue to shoot into the digital future I know that there is so much to learn.  For many people new to photography the amount of information can be quite daunting.  I’ll do my best to show you how to use your camera with simple, progressive steps. I’ll explain how the equipment works and how you can apply that knowledge to your everyday photography.

These free camera tutorials are aimed to teach you the basics (and more) about the digital process of photography. From capturing the image to processing the image in Photoshop and similar programs and then sharing it with the world. If you are new to photography or just want to learn more – this site is for YOU.

It’s all about The Digital Process – from capture to processing to sharing.