Free Beginner Photography Lessons

Here is the index of photography lessons for beginners that I have posted so far.  I have more planned and you might want to bookmark this page and check back later to see what’s new.

Each tutorial is self contained and leads nicely into the next one.  I try to give you the basic knowledge that you’ll need to move forward in your photography (without weighing you down with the ‘tech-babble’).  If you are new to cameras and photography, start at the beginning and work your way down the list.


LEVEL 1 – The Basics of Digital Photography

1 – Introduction to Digital Photography
2 – It’s all about the light
3 – Basics of Aperture and Shutter Speed
4 – Apertures and Depth of Field
5 – Shutter Speed and Motion

Practice – Aperture Priority Mode
Practice – Shutter Priority Mode

6- ISO Settings
7 – Setting your White Balance
8 – How to Hold your Camera

Project 1 – Still Life
Project 2 – Landscape

9 – Dig Deep – Read your Camera Manual
10 – Composition in Photography
11 – How to Care for Your Camera Gear

LEVEL 2 – The Next Step

1 – Digital Camera Sensors and Exposure
2 – Basics of Digital Camera Light Metering
3 – What is the Difference – RAW vs JPG Image Files
4 – How Cameras Auto Focus

5 – Learn about Lenses
6 – Introduction to Flash Photography

7 – Learn Flash Photography Techniques
8 – Off Camera Flash
9 – Choosing and Using a Tripod (and other supports)
10 – How to Choose the Perfect Camera Bag

LEVEL 3 – Photo Projects (More Coming!)

Project 1 – Light and Shadows
Project 2 – Photo Improv for New Ideas

LEVEL 4 – How to get the Shot

1 – Travel Photography Tips and Approach
2 – Backyard Bird Photography
3 – How to Photograph a Solar Eclipse

LEVEL 5 – Photoshop for Photographers

Table of Contents

Free Photography Lessons for Beginners

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