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self-portrait-series-02-1000I can’t remember not having a camera. I can remember the first time I ‘clicked’ with photography, though. I was about 8 or so, and I took a photo of an Orca at the Vancouver Aquarium. When I got the photos back from the processor – there it was: a nice, clear photo of the whale at the peak of its jump with a bit flare that framed the great animal. That’s when it started.  That’s when I was hooked.

Since then, I’ve been taking a lot of photos. I’ve worked in camera stores and photo labs, I’ve owned many types of cameras and now I’m in the digital world. It’s been a fun trip and it won’t be over until I’ve stopped breathing.

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About the Tutorials

Photography has been the one constant in my life. One other dimension of me is my ability to teach. I guess it comes naturally – or maybe I just enjoy telling people what to do. But I love to share what I know. This site is about merging two of my biggest joys.

This site’s goal is to help you get more enjoyment out of your photography. The tutorials are aimed at the beginner. I’ve taken an approach that will walk through the process in a progressive and (hopefully) easy to understand method. Intermediate photographers may benefit from an new look at techniques and by working through the projects. Also, the intermediate and advanced photographers may get some benefits from my photo-blog at www.ArtWhitton.com

It doesn’t matter what camera you have – this  site is not all about showing you how to use your particular camera, but it more designed to help you develop a process for your photography.  I hope that you’ll learn from this site and continue to learn through the many resources available and through good old ‘trial and error’.

Questions?  Feel free to email me – I love talking about photography.

Visit my website to view some of my photography or check out my Photoshop tutorials (some of which will be merged with this website).


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