Level 1 – Photography Basics

Photography Basics – Level 1

Level 1 of my photography lessons will deal with the Photography Basics: how light works, what the aperture does and how your shutter speed affects your images.  I’ll show you when you should use particular settings to get the photo you envision.  I might throw some new terms at you, but I’ll explain it as I go along.

Each tutorial is self contained and leads nicely into the next one. I try to give you the knowledge of photography basics that you’ll need to move forward. If you are new to cameras and photography, start at the beginning and work your way down the list.

You will also be able to reference this site’s glossary of photography terms to help you learn the vast terminology and the many acronyms involved with photography basics.  Look for words in orange and have a dotted underline like this: DSLR – and you can move your mouse over the word for a description or click on it for more info.

LEVEL 1 – The Basics of Digital Photography

1 – Introduction to Digital Photography
2 – Capturing the light
3 – Basics of Aperture and Shutter Speed
4 – Apertures and Depth of Field
5 – Shutter Speed and Motion

Practice – Aperture Priority Mode
Practice – Shutter Priority Mode

6- ISO Settings
7 – Setting your White Balance
8 – How to Hold your Camera

Project 1 – Still Life
Project 2 – Landscape

9 – Dig Deep – Read your Camera Manual
10 – Composition in Photography
11 – How to Care for Your Camera Gear
12 – Selecting the Best Camera Shooting Mode

After you complete this level of photography basics, you can continue on the 2nd level that will teach you more in-depth knowledge to take your photography to new heights.

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