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In these times, we are bombarded with 100’s or 1,000’s of photos each day. We scroll past them on Facebook or Instagram, we see them in magazines and newspapers and take fresh shots on our phones. Out of all of these images, we see some good ones, some bad ones, […]

What Makes a Great Photo?

A Short Guide to Macro Photography Equipment Introduction I’ve loved shooting macro photography (close-up photography) for years.  Decades!  It never gets old.  There’s always something to see when you get in nice and close to your subject.  Flowers, bugs and random household objects are all potential targets when you’re setting […]

Macro Photography Equipment and Use

shooting a house fire
A friend called to let me know that our local Volunteer Fire Department was conducting a ‘Practice Burn’ in town. This is a situation where the Fire Department will do a controlled burn on an abandoned home so that they can work on techniques they’ll need when an unplanned fire comes along.

Shooting Firefighter Photos – A Guide